Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dentist (and strawberries)

Another milestone conquered....we went to the dentist. Frannie did great! First she watched me have my cleaning and then she had her turn. She climbed in the chair like a champ and held up well til they got close to her mouth with the pointy hook thing (not even to clean, just to count) and she shook her head and said "I don't want that thing". Bubblegum toothpaste was a hit and she even had fluoride painted on. A short walk down memory lane.... I LOVED the fluoride when I was a kid. Those styrofoam molds filled with liquid flavored flouride and then biting down forever. Sounds like torture, but not for me. Makes me happy just thinking about it. Anyway, she had caramel flouride painted on (no more molds) and then she was done. Top it off w/a prize from the prize box and success! I think she'll go back.

A second success was strawberry picking this year. This year we went on opening day, which we've never done before. We will totally do that from now on. HUGE berries that last forever and delicious. Now the most rewarding part of the morning was realizing that our "grooming" for picking has worked beautifully. We each had a bucket and we showed Frannie what the berries needed to look like and what not to pick. Then she got the reminder to leave the green tops on. Then that spunky three year old took her bucket down the row away from us and proceeded to pick 3/4 of a bucket of perfect berries all by herself. Her system (hilarious) was to put her bucket down, then sprint down the row, pick a couple berries, sprint back to her bucket, drop them in, and repeat. And of course we ate a few too. So so good.

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